The Babylon School District’s mission is to incorporate technology into the educational program to create an environment that provides our students, staff, and community with the following:

Training of appropriate technological skills to both staff and students needed in today’s information age in order to be productive and successful in the 21st Century.

Opportunities to access a wide variety of services and resources on the local, state, national, and global levels utilizing different tools and forms of media and communication services.

Infrastructure and support necessary to carry out these goals.

The Babylon Technology Department maintains the districts computer network and providing an outline for the sustainability of the technology resources provided within the classrooms. These resources help engage students in meaningful, student-centered learning that promites achievement through exploratory learning environments, while building their ability to communicate with each other and their teachers. The department will coninulously design proffessional development for students, teachers and community members that provide support on technology resources and their integration into the classrooom in the support of curriculum and instruction.